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Mary Lee Harvey Steve Harvey wife, family, wiki/bio, divorce.
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Mary Lee Harvey Steve Harvey wife, family, wiki/bio, divorce.

Nov 25, 2023

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

 The well-known American television host, actor, and comedian Steve Harvey ex-wife is Mary Lee Harvey. However, she is much more than just Steve’s ex-girlfriend.

This article examines Mary’s life and career, covering her early years, her union with Steve Harvey and the ensuing split, as well as her endeavours as a writer and makeup artist.


Mary Lee Harvey Biography:

 Name Mary Lee Shackleford
Born On 20 October 1960
Birthplace Texas, United States
Birth Sign Libra
Age 62 Years Old
Gender Female
Religion Christianity
Career Makeup artist
Nationality American
Current City Arlington, Texas

Early Life and Career:

American woman Mary Lee Harvey is sixty-two years old. On October 20, 1960, she was born in Arlington, Texas, in the United States of America. Her astrological chart indicates that she was born under the sign of Libra and is of African-American descent. She also follows Christianity as her religion.


Mary, meanwhile, appears to be a really private person and hasn’t shared a lot of information about her upbringing, parents, or siblings. But in one of her interviews, she acknowledged that growing up wasn’t easy. She talked of being raised in a family of ten kids.

In a similar vein, she has not yet revealed her background or credentials. She appears to be a well-read individual and may even hold a degree. She hasn’t yet revealed the identities of the universities and institutions she attended to earn her degree, though.

Mary Lee Harvey Marriage With Steve Harvey:

When the couple was performing together at a comedy concert in Arlington, Texas, in 1989, they say that’s when they first fell in love. They both instantly fell madly in love with one another. Steve is more than capable given his celebrity and wealth, but Mary Lee Harvey radiates hope. The pair ultimately decided to be married after choosing to go on a date.



Despite being married in 1996, the couple eventually divorced in 2005. They had children from other marriages, but Wynton is their sole biological child together. After a number of years of goodwill and shared pleasure, the couple drifted apart for a number of important reasons, which ultimately led to an unexpected turn in their lives. Divorce was the hardest decision they had to make together since having a child.

Mary Lee Harvey Divorce:

In 2011, Mary Lee made her version of what happened public. She says she intercepted a private letter and delivered it to Steve and the couple’s Los Angeles home. One mistress revealed the details of their affair in it. Another time, she took a call at their home from a woman who said she was checking in with an application she had submitted to work for Steve. Because the caller was Steve Bridges’ future third wife and lover, Marjorie Bridges, his then-wife had good reason to be wary of the call.


It was said that Mary was upset over their split. She revealed in several interviews with the media that Harvey was never present at their divorce court. She was upset that he had taken Wynton away from her.

Mary Lee Harvey Family:

Jason and Morgan are Mary Lee Harvey’s two children from her first marriage. In 2011, she wed Terry Townsend, her second spouse. She rarely makes public appearances and has kept most details about her personal life private.


Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth:

Rumor has it that Mary Lee Harvey net worth is about $40,000 in monthly unemployment compensation in addition to Steve Harvey’s property. Owing to her success in reaching her goals, Mary Lee Harvey has amassed a roughly $1 million market value. Her primary source of income is her beauty company; she is a novelist as well as a bookworm.


Mary Lee Harvey is currently where?

She is currently residing in Taxes, United States, her hometown.

What is the Mary Lee Foundation?

She started a non-profit organization called the Mary Lee Foundation to help women who have been victims of trauma, including domestic abuse.

What is Mary Lee’s relationship with Steve Harvey?

He was previously wed in 2005, having separated from Steve Harvey.

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