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elaine a zane Suits, Wikipedia, Family and Net Worth

elaine a zane Suits, Wikipedia, Family and Net Worth

Nov 28, 2023

Who is Elaine a Zane?

Elaine a Zane is an award-winning writer and novelist. To assist small businesses with communication and marketing, she founded the Elaine Zane Organization. This website offers a brief biography of Elaine along with her best work.

An immediate New York Times bestseller was her debut novel.  It was The Girls Guide to Getting Over Boys, published in 2009 by Random House.



She is the author of three other books: A Reader (Duke University Press, 2013) and Random House (Ballantine Works, 2016).

Elaine gives talks and contributes to The Huffington Post. Continue reading to learn about Elaine Zane life, work, and demise.

Elaine a Zane  Biography :

Name elaine a zane
Birth Date November 6,1936
Birth Place Boston, Massachusetts
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
elaine a zane Age 30 years old
Nationality American
Religion November 6, 1936
Height 5’4
Weight Decent
Education Graduate
College Boston University
Father Abe Aronstein
Mother Ethel Aronstein
Siblings One (Brother)
Martial Status Married
Kids 4
Profession Author, Novelist
elaine a zane Net Worth Not Disclosed

elaine a zane Early Life:

Elaine Zane, sometimes known as Elaine a Zane, is an American author and screenwriter. She is the author of more than 20 books, including the best-selling Sheriff Andy Taylor and Eve Dallas mystery series.

In addition to her writing career, Elaine a Zane has been a consultant on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and served on the X-Files crew.



Elaine Zane is a highly sought-after workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. She has been using her classes to assist organizations in developing their leadership capabilities for more than 25 years.

elaine a zane Family :

For the past fifty years, elaine a zane has been married to Dr. Sheldon Zane. Steven (Claudia), Debra (Jeff) Jarkow, Bonnie (Zane), and Mindy (Rosenthal) Zane were Elaine A. Zane’s children.



How did Elaine a Zane die?

Additional investigation of elaine a zane obituary in 2015 indicated that cancer was the cause of her demise.

Casting director and film industry producer Elaine A. Zane was well-known.  The details of her childhood and background are still unknown because she lacks an official Wikipedia page.

elaine a zane Net Worth :

It’s still unknown how much cash elaine a zane has in her bank account. For her contributions to the courtroom drama series SUITS, which is still dedicated to Elaine A. Zane, she received acclaim. The Zane surname was passed down to Bonnie Zane from her mother, the casting director for SUITS.


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