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Debra Jeter Who Kills Her Own Daughters

Debra Jeter Who Kills Her Own Daughters

Nov 27, 2023

Who is Debra Jeter?

 Debra Jeter, the mother who slaughtered one of every one of her women, Kelsey, and endeavored to slaughter her thrilling girl, Kiersten, It’s a putting occasion and one that has protected more or fewer disasters in humans’ lives.

Debra is an American mom who rose to notoriety for her ugly act of slaughtering her youths, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter. Debra Janelle Jeter might be a mom of youngsters. Debra has made bigger element-time preparation in existing structures and outlines structure at Slope College at some preparation within the past drop semester.

Debra Jeter Biography : 
Debra Jeter Biography

Biography of Debra Janelle Jeter:

Name Debra Janelle Jeter
Birthday November 20, 1962
Birthplace Randolph County, Georgia
Age 59
Ex-Husband Lester “Lee” Jeter
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign  Scorpio
Parents The late Billy and Palona Jeter
Hair Color Black
Skin shade White
 Eye color  Black

Debra Jeter Daughter:

Debra has become the mom of two women, Kiersten and Kelsey.

Debra Jeter kids
Debra Jeter kids

Why did Debra slaughter her female?

Debra murdered Kelsey and endeavored to slaughter Kiersten; however, her insights into mental well-being problems in all circumstances finished an element within the outcomes. In 2004, she was admitted to an intellectual restorative institution after she supposedly mishandled Kiersten.

This highbrow weakening delivered type of Lester Jeter to document, separate, and take out a brief controlling arrangement within the direction of Debra, thinking about the fact that Lester had been given temporal guardianship of the kids. The installation ends up being allowed, as it can be picked out and lifted shortly after.

Debra Jeter case
Debra Jeter case

Debra Jeter Story:

Debra claimed to have astonished her ladies at the same time as she picked them up from their father on June 5, 2005. According to suppositions, the two more youthful women have been specifically satisfied to go to and spend time with their mothers.

They have been dazed by their mom’s evil motives while she pushes them to a deserted farmhouse near Interstate 35. When they were all inside, Jeter pulled out a lessen and went after Kiersten.

debra jeter daughter kiersten valiantly hollered for her sister to move on at the same time as being assaulted. But while the mom speedily closed in on Kelsey, Kiersten was reduced inside once more while guarding her younger sister from the savage assault.

Tragically, Debra became unhealthy for the two small children, and she brutally reduced Kelsey’s throat. She at that component was given to be responsible for the damage, Kiersten, and did the harm irrespective of her.

She argued on the calculation of her mom to discover the beneficial valuable asset, be that as it can, regardless of being a licensed nurturer, she emerges as, despite the truth, alive.

Debra , a supposedly normal mother, has increased to be her spherical the world the off-base way up whereas she committed unspeakable wrongdoing in the limit to her noticeably private youths.

The startling act of reducing her more youthful ladies, following inside the lousy want of presence of the younger one, Kelsey, and clearing out the senior one, Kiersten, ceasing for her presence, cleared out genuinely each person in contemplation and doubt.

Debra Jeter Hitched Life:

Debra  and Lester Lee had been hitched and are now companions and partners. They had herbal youths, and each had two women, Kiesten and Kelsey. Lester Lee is the on-the-spot little one of Debra. In this manner, her initial companion separated from her.

After that, Debra meets Lester, alluded to as Lee. They spent their time with every elite and fell in adore with every eminent. After that, they were hitched. But their finishing altered into not adoring. Since they were divorced.

Debra physical appearance:

Debra was born on November 20, 1962. As fast as she was given to be 61. Her beat and weight have been elegant and conventional for her age. Debra’s pores and skin coloration are white, and her eye color is dark, like every day. Debra’s have a slight brown color that gives the right color.

Where is Debra Jeter now?

In May 2010, Debra trendy all violations and got away with execution. She dispensed $1.Five million. After that, Debra visits her little one and her partner and apologizes to them for what she did.

But currently, she went through her lifestyle in prison, and, compellingly, she’s displaying disdain within the path of the truth that is alive.

Debra Jeter now
Debra Jeter now


What’s the Debra wheel sign?

Debra’s signal is Scorpio.

Where was Debra Janelle Jeter born?

 Debra Janelle Jeter was modified into born within the past due Seventies.

Debra’s own family.

Debra married Lester “Lee” Jeter, and they had two women collectively, Kiersten and Kelsey.

What’s Debra doing every day?

As the mother who brutally assaulted her ladies, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter, in 2009, she picked up a reputation for her actions.

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