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Francis Antetokounmpo Height , Career , Siblings and Net Worth

Francis Antetokounmpo Height , Career , Siblings and Net Worth

Jan 21, 2024

Francis Antetokounmpo is a well-known basketball and soccer player. His full name is Francis Olowu Ofili Adetokunbu. But he is mostly known as Francis. He comes from a sports family. His father is a retired soccer player, and his mother is also a retired field athlete. He had four brothers. All of his brothers are basketball players and have played in the NBA. He also came into the spotlight because of his brothers. Francis Antetokounmpo is a versatile player. He focused on both basketball and soccer. He also had a passion for music. Currently, he is unmarried, and he is a 35-year-old guy.

In this article, we will learn about the life of Frances Antetokounmpo, a famous soccer player. Including details about his height, age, and early life. Also, Francis Antetokounmpo soccer and basketball career.


Francis Antetokounmpo Biography
Francis Antetokounmpo Biography

Who is Francis Antetokounmpo?

A person who is famous for his sports skills. He made his name as a professional soccer player. He is also good at playing basketball. He came into the spotlight because of his renowned younger brothers. He had 4 younger brothers. His brothers pursued their careers only in basketball. He is still unmarried. Also, he is quite a private person. So, he keeps his personal life private, and his dating details are unknown.

Full Name Francis Antetokounmpo
Gender Male
Francis Antetokounmpo Age 35 years old
Date of Birth 20 October 1988
Birthplace Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Nigerian American
Zodiac sign Libra
Sexual orientation Straight

Francis Antetokounmpo Early life and family:

Francis was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on October 20, 1988. His father’s name was Charles Antetokounmpo. His father, Charles, is also a former soccer player. He encouraged Francis to make his career in soccer. Francis’ mother’s name was Veronica Antetokounmpo.

Francis Antetokounmpo Early Life
Francis Antetokounmpo Early Life

His mother was a retired field or track player. Later, he moved with his parents and siblings to Athens, Greece. They moved to Greece for a better future and job opportunities. In Greece, he joined a football club. But unfortunately, he had a very short period in the football club. He served his time in soccer and basketball. His brothers are also famous basketball players.


Fathers name  Charles Antetokounmpo
Mothers name Veronica Antetokounmpo
Siblings 4

Francis Antetokounmpo siblings:

Francis had four siblings. He is the eldest of his siblings. His brothers play soccer and basketball as professional players. His brother’s names are Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kostas Antetokounmpo, and Alex Antetokounmpo.

Francis Antetokounmpo siblings
Francis Antetokounmpo siblings


Siblings Four Brothers
Brother Names Thanasis Antetokounmpo,

 Giannis Antetokounmpo, 

Kostas Antetokounmpo,

 Alex Antetokounmpo.

Francis Antetokounmpo height, Weight, and physical appearance:

As we talk about Francis’s physical appearance. He has good height and weight. He has an attractive personality. Francis Antetokounmpo height is 6 feet 5 inches or 195 cm. He has an average weight. Frances Antetokounmpo holds a Greek nationality. He has black hair with dark brown eyes. His Ethnicity is of Nigerian descent.

Height in feet 6’5 inches
Height in cm 195 cm
Weight Average
Eyes color Dark brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo No

Francis Antetokounmpo soccer and professional career:

Francis had a versatile personality in sports. His younger brothers only focus on their basketball career. But he played both soccer and basketball. In Greece, he played basketball with a club called Filathlitikos. He played semi-pro grade basketball.

Francis had an interest in soccer more than basketball. He had a passion for soccer. In soccer, he is encouraged by his father who was also a retired soccer player. In Nigeria and Greece, he played as a midfielder. He also joined a club for football called AE Sparti. But later he moved from AE Sparti to Aittitos. Unluckily he spent a short time in football clubs.


Francis Antetokounmpo soccer
Francis Antetokounmpo soccer

Francis also does not play soccer! United States soccer so he does not a vast exposure to soccer. But his variety of skills in both games are really admirable.

Francis Antetokounmpo FIFA 2020 football rating is 73. Francis is more likely to kick with his right foot. His best stat speed is 84 kilometers per hour.

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Francis Antetokounmpo relationship and children:

Francis is a quite private person. So he doesn’t share any details about his personal life. He is unmarried. Also, his dating details are not available.

Marital Status Unmarried
Dating details Unknown

Francis Antetokounmpo net worth and legacy:

Francis Antetokounmpo net worth is between $ 1 and $2 million. He also had a passion for music. His first music video name is Shekosi. He makes money through his profession as a professional soccer player.

Francis Antetokounmpo Net worth
Francis Antetokounmpo Net worth


Profession Soccer and basketball player
Net worth Between $1 and 2$ million


Francis is a famous sports player. He came into the spotlight because of his famous brothers. His brothers are famous basketball players. He is most likely to play soccer. He had a variety of skills. Also, he had a passion for music. His first music video is Shekosi. Francis’s soccer skills are appreciated. His fans also admire him because of his skills. He had a Greek nationality. Currently, Francis is a 35-year-old guy.

FAQs :

Currently, what is Francis Antetokounmpo Age?

Currently, Francis’s age is 35.

Is Francis married?

No Francis is still single.

How many siblings does Francis have?

He had four younger brothers who also pursued their careers in sports.

From which country does Francis belong?

Currently, Francis belongs to Greece.

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