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Evgenia Citkowitz Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

Evgenia Citkowitz Biography, Family, Career and Net Worth

Dec 20, 2023

Evgenia Citkowitz is known for Little Jewel (2022). Evgenia Citkowitz is a well-known author who has written interesting and captivating stories. Evgenia Citkowitz was born in 1964 in New York. She is the youngest of the two daughters of her parents. Her parents divorced in 1972, but her father stayed nearby and helped raise her and her sisters until he passed away. Evgenia has four half-siblings, and her stepfather was Robert Lowell, an American poet. Citkowitz’s first book, Ether, was published in 2010, a collection of seven short stories and a novella. 

In this article, you will learn about the details regarding Evgenia Citkowitz and her career as an author.

Who is Evgenia Citkowitz?

A person who is famous for her remarkable writing style. Evgenia’s husband was Julian Sands, best known for his acting in films. Now Evgenia is about 59 years old.


Evgenia Citkowitz Wiki:


Full name  Evgenia Citkowitz 
Gender   Female 
Age   59(alive) 
Birthplace    New York, USA 
Nationality  America 
Religion   Christianity 
Profession   Writer, Journalist
Parents Israel Citkowitz   Caroline Blackwood 
Siblings   2
Step Father Robert Lowell
Spouse Julian Sands (died 2023) 
Children  2(Daughters) 

Evgenia Citkowitz early life:

Evgenia Citkowitz was born in 1964 in New York. Her parents were Israel Citkowitz, who was a musician, and Lady Caroline Blackwood, a writer. Her parents divorced in 1972. Her stepfather was a poet named Robert Lowell. Evgenia went to boarding school in England and later studied English literature at Oxford University. She also had a brief period of education in the United States.



Evgenia Citkowitz Family: 

Evgenia Citkowitz’s family is the Guinness family, famous for beer, money, and politics. She’s going to inherit some of the Guinness beer fortune from her mom’s side. Her grandma and grandpa were fancy people, and her uncle and aunt cared about important things like nature. They’re also related as fifth cousins

Evgenia Citkowitz Career:

Her first book, “Ether,” had short stories and a longer one, and it was liked by important people in New York. In 2018, she wrote her first big story, “The Shades.” It’s about a family feeling very sad because their daughter is not there anymore. Evgenia wanted to show how life can be delicate. The idea for the story came from someone going back to their old home. She worked really hard to make the characters feel like real people.



Her screenplay, The House in Paris, based on Elizabeth Bowen’s novel, is currently in development. Apart from her big stories, Evgenia wrote for different magazines and newspapers in the United Kingdom and the United States, like The Sunday Times, The London Magazine, The Guardian, The New York Times, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Evgenia Citkowitz Books:

Evgenia Citkowitz wrote two books:

“The Shades” (2018), published by W. W. Norton & Company. 

“Ether” (2010), published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.


She was once considered for a big-story award called the Sunday Times EFG Private Bank Short Story Award. She also won a competition run by The Word Factory, and Neil Gaiman, a famous author, liked her story about modern fables.

Evgenia Citkowitz’s relationship with the famous Julian sands:  

Evgenia Citkowitz sands likes to keep her private life quiet. In 1990, Evgenia Citkowitz Julian Sands get married, an actor from England, after meeting through a friend, John Malkovich. Sadly, in January 2023, Sands went missing during a hike, and in June 2023, they found his bones. The couple has two girls, and Evgenia is a stepmom to Sands’ son from his first marriage, Julian Sands.


Julian is the father of three kids. He has a son named Henry from his first marriage and two daughters, Natalya and Imogen, with his current wife, Evgenia. Julian is a famous actor, known for being in movies like A Room with a View, Arachnophobia, The Killing Fields, and Boxing Helena. He’s also been on TV shows like 24, Small Ville, and Banshee. Recently, he appeared in the 2019 Netflix show ‘what/If’ and the 2019 Hulu show A Nasty Piece of Work.

Julian’s Former Partner Sara Sands
Children from his first Marriage  Henry Sands 

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Evgenia Citkowitz lives in Los Angeles.

It is published in Aleim Magazine. Once in an interview, someone asked about why you had decided to make your home in Los Angeles. So far from the rest of your family? Then she replied, “The reason I chose to live in Los Angeles, away from the rest of my family, is not a big, clear decision. It’s more like a series of small steps that, at the time, don’t seem important. It’s only when you look back that you realize you made a choice.



I love living in Los Angeles. It’s a place with a unique mix of cultures, and I enjoy the way the air feels here. It has a kind of temporary quality that I find strangely comforting. Unlike some places, it doesn’t pretend to be permanent, and I like that about it.

Evgenia Citkowitz net worth:

Evgenia’s estimated net worth is about $5 million.


Evgenia Citkowitz lives a very private life. Glimpses of her diverse childhood, strong family ties, and her success as a skilled author. It’s like reading the exciting chapters of a book that capture the essence of her journey so far.

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