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Amarah Dean Age, Net Worth, Bio, Husband, Daughter, Wikipedia

Amarah Dean Age, Net Worth, Bio, Husband, Daughter, Wikipedia

Dec 29, 2023

Who’s Amarah Dean?

Amarah Dean is considered the most honored television personality, actress, and funnyman. Amarah Dean may be a painter, visible handicraftsman, and portrait handicraftsman through calling. She has had colossal fashionability since her mama. Memoirs of Amarah.

Who’s Amarah Dean?
Who’s Amarah Dean?

Amarah Dean Biography:

Birthname: Amarah The full title is Amarah Skye Dean

Date of beginning: November 13, 1989

Age ( as of 2023): 34 Years

motherland: State Of America

Father: Gary Bernard Dean

Mama: Alex Martin.

Amarah Dean Family:

Families are considered the most vital members of someone’s life. if we discuss nearly Amarah’s family. She’s the daughter of American performing artist and filmmaker Alexandrea Martin( also known as Alex Dignitary), and she began with a partner. Amara Dean Siblings are Jerzey and Artisan. Her mama, Alex Martin, is the daughter of performing artist Whoopi Goldberg, and her partner, Alvin Martin, Amara’s father, is of amalgamated African-American, Vietnamese, and original American descent. Amaras’s father’s title is Bernard Dean.

Amarah Dean marriage

Amarah is hitched to Chris, and they tied the knot in 2013 in a private ceremony. They’ve been in a novel relationship for over a year, and lately, they got hitched. The couple carries a lady named Charlie Rose, who was born in Walk 2014. Amarah and Chris are going solid in their married lives.


Amarah Dean marriage
Amarah Dean marriage

Amarah Dean qualification

Her instructional foundation is obscure, but it’s accepted that she may have gone to a neighborhood altitudinous academy. She’s a council graduate.

Amarah Dean career

Amarah is most famed for being a celebrity sprat due to her mama’s title. Alexandra’s dignitary started her amusement career in 1993 when she was cast as a classroom sprat minister in Act 2: Back Within the Habit,” an American lyrical comedy film. She played Maria in the 2003 film” Strange as Angels”.She was additionally featured in the 2008 film” Descendants”, and from 2015 to 2018, she worked on the American commercial show” The View”. Amara has shown up in one film,” Claim to Fame”( 2003), which her grandma Whoopi Goldberg created. She has also made many appearances on television, including on” The View” with her grandma in 2015 and 2018.

Professional Life:

While going to the council, Amarah began her career with excitement and assiduity. Hence, she sought different externships and entry-position places. She was a part of different displaying gigs and showed up in publication spreads for many Earth magazines. Other than that, she has been included in many charitable associations. It points to progress in the lives of depressed children and the terrain. She has donated to associations such as Make a Wish Establishment, Los Angeles Territorial Nourishment Bank, and Natural Working Gather.  

Amarah Dean, Professional Life:
Amarah Dean, Professional Life:

Other than that, she has been in the media as a celebrity sprat of Alex Martin. Her mama appeared on screen for the first time in the stirring picture, which made her mama, Whoopi Goldberg, celebrate. In 1985, she at long last got her advance. She was cast in her advanced part as Celie in Steven Spielberg’s “period show film The Color Purple. The drama is related to an abused lady within the Profound South. Before Fame Before wandering into reality television, she worked as a painter and appeared as an artist on her Skeezydoesit Instagram runner.

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Amarah Dean Net Worth

Amarah is presumably a painter, a seen handicraftsman, and a portrait handicraftsman with the useful resource of the operation of calling. The regular compensation of an American painter, a known handicraftsman, and a portrait handicraftsman. So, Amarah Dean net worth is about $35,000.


What’s Amarah Dean popular for?

Amarah is pleasantly conceded for being the female of Alex Martin, an infamous American performing artist and filmmaker, and the granddaughter of appearing artist and ridiculous Whoopi Goldberg. She’s also honored for her appearances in pictures similar to” Sister Act 2: Back Within the Habit” and” Quest of the Delta Knight.”.

Where was Amarah Dean born?

Amarah was born on November 13, 1989, in the United States of America.

What’s Amarah’s wheel sign and religion?

Her sun sign is Scorpio. Amarah Dignitary takes Christianity as her religion.

What does Amarah do for a living?

Amarah can be a painter, a visible handicraftsman, and a portrait handicraftsman with the aid of calling. She prevailed in the conventional wholeness of her career.

Where does Amarah Dean’s grandma live?

Amarah’s grandma, Whoopie, lives in Manhattan. She used to live on LA’s Pacific Palisades network.

Has Amarah Dean established herself in a fact-show?

Amarah has made an appearance in reality. She has become part of a reality television series named Concurring with Alex.

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